Welcome to This Week in Beer, your source for information and news about the world of craft-beer.  From our homebase in Lansing, MI we bring you audio and video podcasts to keep you informed and guide your beer drinking experience.

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Here you will find a number of different features:

The Mash

Part of our audio program, Kristoffer and Paul will bring you top stories in beer news as found by us or submitted by you.  Please send your ideas to bakken@thisweekinbeer.com

Brewers Night

Paul will sit down with a brewer or knowledgeable representative of a local microbrewery.  They will discuss their history, products and any exciting things too look forward to.

Cryptic Review

Stemming from a long tradition of using pretentious meaningless adjectives to describe adult beverages at various tasting events, Kristoffer will taste a beer for the first time, and tell you, in no certain terms, what it could possibly taste like, if you have a wild enough imagination, or are totally insane.

Tricia’s Thoughts

Tricia is our resident unexpert.  Being someone who has grown very accustomed to traditional American light beers, she is venturing out into previously unexplored regions for her.  She will try a new beer (often the same beer Kristoffer just gave you his useless review of) and give you her non-craft-beer-drinking opinion of it.

The P Stew

We need to have at least one reviewer that can give a good, honest, well-informed review, right?  Well Paul is our man for that.  These are helpful reviews to give you a good idea of what is available to you and what you should expect from it.  Definitely the man to listen to for your beer information.

Coming Soon:

Beer Science

What is it that makes beer, beer? A spot to expand the inquisitive side of your brain, our beer science section will answer all of the curious questions that you have had rattling around in your head.

Homebrewers Home Brewery

Tips for homebrewers, from homebrewers.  Look here for information on honing your skills to make your own perfect pint.