No update this week, I am afraid my vacation has interrupted my normal This Week in Beer plans, but rest assured, I will be coming back to you next week with some exciting new interviews and maybe even some fun vacation videos. No I am not going to tell you where I am, you will… Continue reading

You may have noticed, that we have been gone for a little bit.  Do not fret, we have not abandoned you, loyal Beer Buddies!  We are preparing for our triumphant return, and since there cannot be a triumphant return without a triumphant absence, we have decided to take one for the team and take a… Continue reading

This week we are taking another quick break, but we will be back soon with lots of new beers for you to try.  Perhaps we will even try something special in the meantime.  Perhaps a live show. maybe Sunday.  Just maybe.

This Week in Beer is going to be on vacation this week. We are going to spend it drinking lots of great beers, so that when we come back we will have alot of fantastic new things to tell you about. Till then, stay safe. Image via Wikipedia