A Cryptic Beer Review

A Cryptic Beer Review of Shock Top End of the World Midnight WheatEnd Of The World Midnight Wheat? Well lookie here.  Has someone at AB/INBEV been putting their thinking caps on and are trying to squeeze out something new, and dare I say it, creative?  Now generally my eyes gloss over when someone mentions Shock Top to me and my brain goes off to a land filled with substandard examples of things I usually enjoy.  But this has been the second time I have been curious about them this year. I had an imaginary conversation with an imaginary Shock Top representative when I heard about the End Of The World Midnight Wheat.

“What is going on over there guys?” I say,

“We are just trying to get your attention.”

“Yeah, I noticed all of the billboards you had plastered about for your lemon shandy this summer.  But, as they say, fool me once…”

“But this time we have something new…er, it is midnight wheat,”

“You’re loosing me.”

“with spices.”


“chocolate malt”

*raises eyebrow*

“and chili!”

“All right, I’ll give you another chance, but just because you know my weakness for chili beer.”

At least, that is how I imagine it going in my head.  But as I told my imaginary Shock Top rep, I do have a fascination with chili beers.  Not that you could say that I really enjoy them, I have never been able to drink more than one.  I don’t find them refreshing at all, but, like my love of spicy food, it is the bite that I just can’t get away from. Now in my beer review, I am going to recommend this beer, but not necessarily because it is good, but because for some people this may be the easiest way for them to get a hold of a chili beer.  It is certainly not the strongest or the best tasting, and the chili flavor only really comes through at the very end, and it is quite light.  Nothing like Ring of Fire from Dragonmead (you always remember your first), but as I said, I think everyone should try a chili beer at least once.  So check out my cryptic beer review of Shock Top’s End of The World Midnight Wheat after the the break. Continue reading