A This Week In Beer Review

Once upon a time there was a mysterious man.  He searched far and wide for new tastes to satisfy him.  He would fins these mysterious brews, and he would drink them, mysteriously.  But he wanted to share his discoveries with the world, so he decided to shout from the top of the tallest mountain in the land.  Mt. Internet.  Being a mysterious man, and drinking mysterious beers, he felt the need to describe them in mysterious ways.  So have a seat and click thru below for my mysteriously cryptic beer review of Flying Dog Brewery‘s Wildeman.
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Hey! Who’s in charge here? I leave for a couple of weeks and no new content goes up? Head’s will roll! who did I leave in charge here? Hello? I’m the only one here aren’t I? …… sigh ……. I’ll go get an axe.

In the meantime I did bring a video for you.  A strange thing happened when I went to the bar the other day, all of the sudden it was full of snuggies.  I don’t know how it happened. I turned and looked away for a second and it was all over the place, it even seemed to spill on me, weird.