Hey guys, I know I got this up late, but it is because i have a lot of videos for you.  Here I give you, the entire collected experience of Thisweekinbeer at the 2010 Michigan Brewer’s Guild Winter Beerfest!

Here is our into and there are more videos after the break.


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Be warned by the way, these videos are roughly in chronological order, so the further down you get, the more beer, we’ve had, and the less useful are reviews get.  Unless your goal is to watch and laugh at the drunks trying to describe the taste of beer, in which case, enjoy.

Tricia’s Thoughts: Short’s Black Cherry

Cryptic Review: Short’s Turtle Stout

Tricia’s Thoughts: Arcadia’s Roggenberry

The P Stew: Atwater Block’s Maibock

Tricia’s Thoughts: Arbor Brewing Company’s Pleasuring the Pirate

Cryptic Review: Arbor’s Abby Normal

Cryptic Review: Black Lotus Brewery’s Black Bottom

Cryptic Review: Dark Horse’s Smells Like Weed

Cryptic Review: Detroit Brewing Company’s Dimondale Dunkelweizenbock

Tricia’s Thoughts: Original Gravity Brewery’s Bellywasher Scotch Ale

Cryptic Review: Original Gravity Brewery’s 440 Pepper Smoker

Tricia’s Thoughts: Redwood Lodge’s Barleywine

Cryptic Review: Redwood Lodge’s Wheat wine

Special Guest Amanda: Atwater Block’s Vanilla Java Stout

Tricia’s Thoughts: Atwater Block’s Teuful Bock

Cryptic Review: Jamesport Brewing Company’s Weizenbock

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