Shut up everybody, I’ve got an announcement to make.  Today marks the first episode in a new series I’d like to try out.  Mad science came about while having lunch at a local bar here, and they had a sign on the wall advertising a mix of two beers.  I realize this is hardly new, but it is something that I have always been wary of.  Not sure why, I had been doing it with pop for ages (did you know that 2/3 Dr Pepper and 1/3 Orange Soda tastes like vanilla?) However on this particular occasion one of my friends decided that he would give it a try, so I did too.  I was very suprised by the outcome of this concotion, as it dawned upon me that I have been missing out on a whole universe of new and potentially undiscovered flavors.  So there is the genesis of a new show as it formed in my head.  So I will try out different blend I have heard of and maybe after try out a few of my own, just to see how crazy I can get.  So for now I will start out with the brew that got my brain churning: Sam Adams Cherry Wheat and Leinenkugel Summer Shandy.  Check out the first episode of Mad Science after the break.

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