So it sure has been a while hasn’t it?  well I would like to welcome you back to the new and improved This Week In Beer! So I have spent the last few months streamlining the website and cutting out much of the fat (no one really used that map anyway).  So hopefully this new site will usher in an era of smother functionality and smoother beer. I hope.

So beyond the trimmed down site, i have a docket of ideas for new features and shows.  The social site is still here, but it is seriously trimmed down.   The site is now responsive too so you should see a mobile friendly version when you visit from a smartphone or tablet.  I do expect to add features back in as I see the need for them, but for now I think all we really need here is a regular stream of beer related content for you all to enjoy.  and for me to enjoy as well.

But, I hear you say, did it really take you six months to redesign the site? It doesn’t even look that different, no way it took you that long!  You are right.  You caught me. There is more

one of the main reasons that I have been gone for so long is this little guy.

My new son Rhys
My new son Rhys

My son Rhys was born this past March and I may have forgotten about beer for a while.  And with this little fella in my life it is pretty hard to make the time to get a video shot and edited for you.  So expect to see more news and articles over here as well. *gasp* a news site?!  Well I think I hear my baby calling for me (new father thing I guess, I hear him all the time), so stay quenched my friends, and I will see you soon.

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