I bet you thought that i was getting lazy and I’d let another 2 weeks go by without posting a new video.  Well you’re right about the lazy part… sorry bout that.  Once the holidays are over, I promise to get back to a regular schedule, and bring you what you’ve really wanted, more Brewer’s Night interviews, and more podcasts.  This week I’ve got another cryptic review for you.


Hey! Who’s in charge here? I leave for a couple of weeks and no new content goes up? Head’s will roll! who did I leave in charge here? Hello? I’m the only one here aren’t I? …… sigh ……. I’ll go get an axe.

In the meantime I did bring a video for you.  A strange thing happened when I went to the bar the other day, all of the sudden it was full of snuggies.  I don’t know how it happened. I turned and looked away for a second and it was all over the place, it even seemed to spill on me, weird.


Welcome everybody, I have a new cryptic review for you.  We’re trying out another new camera this time.  We’ve been looking to upgrade for a while now, but the last ones we looked at kind of sucked (which is why you haven’t seen our fantastic interview with Capitol Brewing Company yet.  Bet here is another try, this time a cryptic review of Avery Brewing Company’s Old Jubilation.  enjoy.


Hey everybody, how was your vacation? What? You didn’t just take a vacation? Oh, that was me? You know, you are right. I remember now, in fact, I have proof of my recent travels. I found video evidence that I was in Chicago in the not too distant past. Although there are no real landmarks to prove it, just trust that this cryptic review is from the windy city.


And on an unrelated note, Tailgating season has started! Be sure to get your official Thisweekinbeer Tailgate shirt at our special items store. This is different than our Cafe Press Store, and will contain a rotating selection of special items.

Tailgate Like a boss

The shirt is alot funnier if you’ve seen this video after the break (NSFW Language, put your headphones on)

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