Welcome back everone.  I hope you have you minds set to experiment, because this week I have a challenge for you.  Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to make this blend, and make it taste good.  I am afraid to say, I failed at this.  I am pretty sure it is because I went with the most strict instruction on how to make an Irish Snakebite.  For the uninitiated, I was told to make this using Crispin and Guiness.  Now, listen… come closer… okay, let me be honest.  I think Guiness is pretty much the bottom of the barrel when you are looking for a stout.  But, this is what I was told, so this is how I made it.  I did try to vary it up a bit by getting a couple of different kinds.  I had a Guiness Extra Stout, Guiness Draught, and a Black Lager.  they did each lend to a different Snakebite experience, but I really think that it is just opening the door to a lot of new experimentation, which is what Mad Science should really be all about.  So let’s get our skull muscles going and think of some other stout/cider combinations that could really make this something to talk about.  But before you go and create, be sure to check out the video after the break. Continue reading