You may have noticed, that we have been gone for a little bit.  Do not fret, we have not abandoned you, loyal Beer Buddies!  We are preparing for our triumphant return, and since there cannot be a triumphant return without a triumphant absence, we have decided to take one for the team and take a triumphant break in order to be more triumphantly prepared for that return I mentioned earlier. But I am triumphantly breaking from our triumphant break to bring to your attention a truly triumphant cause.  This Week in Beer has joined the Crunchy’s Restaurant team for the 2010 Polar Plunge to benefit the Special Olympics.  That is right, we have decided to triumphantly sacrifice our comfort and warmth to raise money for the Michigan Special Olympics.  Last year we were triumphant in raising the most money , and we plan to be triumphant again.  If you would like to support us in our dive into the frozen waters of Mid Michigan and help to raise money for this triumphant cause please visit either Kristoffer’s or Paul’s fund-raising site. You can pick whoever is your favorite, and although it is certainly not a competition between Paul and Kristoffer, if you pick Kristoffer‘s, you will be much more triumphant.

A Triumphant jump (we are in there)

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