Death of A Contract Brewer LabelHave I mentioned yet how much I love this brewery.  Schmaltz Brewing Company has a couple of brewing labels under their umbrella.  You may have seen their Coney Island beers, but the flagship is the He’Brew The Chosen Beer line.  If you get a chance pick some up and while you are enjoying it (you will) be sure you read the whole label because they put plenty of thought into the packaging of their brews.

But that is the “in general”s, how about the specifics?  Despite how I may feel about this brewery, this beer in particular has a couple of words on it that tend to give me pause.  Black IPA.  This style of beer tends to taste pretty empty to me.  It could be just tongue confusion from having a dark beer taste like such a departure from what I am expecting, even though I know better, or I might just not like what most black IPAs taste like.  Not that they are all bad, there have been a few that have certainly hit the right balance of what I am expecting and what I am actually getting, and this beer is one of them.  Light and old, with a hint of a deeper story just under the surface.  check out my review after the break.

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