Technical Difficulties

Sorry about the late episode, SOMEONE, and I’m not naming any names here, brought a live bear into the office and it caused a little bit of a problem with the network connection.  Stupid bear, hogging all the bandwidth.

This Week in….. Hard Cider?

Now that the bear is gone and I can upload again, here is this weeks episode.  I decided to try something new and give the Peary, from Uncle John’s Cider MIll a try.  For those curious, it is a hard pear cider.


Even though we weren’t able to run our live show from Crunchy’s Oktoberfest last week, I was still able to shoot some footage.  So below you can check out my Cryptic Review of MBC Rye Bock.  I also am pleased to announce an addition to our lineup, Tricia will be adding the views of someone who doesn’t drink microbrews regularly.  She can be someone that our less experienced viewers out there may be able to relate to better than beersnobs like Paul and myself.  Though soon i’m sure she will become one of us too. Muhahaha.

anyhoo, here you go.



ok, lets start with explaining what this “cryptic review” thing is.  I will try a new beer for the first time and will tell you what it tastes like. But I’m not going to make it easy.  You may think i am just making up gibberish, but i assure you, what I am describe describes the taste, or at least what the taste makes me think of.  And i guess as a hint i will add a stamp at the end that will rate it on my 2 point scale.

So here it is, My review of Atwater Block Brewery’s Vanilla Java Porter


Music by Kevin Macleod