More videos from the Winter Beerfest.  I really should get the rest of these out since we are now well into spring.  This week we are featuring a beer from another unique Michigan brewery, Jolly Pumpkin.  Here are the views of myself, and Tricia on their, schizophrenically named, Chocolate Pineapple Chipotle Rauch Biere. Continue reading

I know I said that I was going to try to upload more videos last week in order to get the winter beerfest content all online, but you may have noticed that I didn’t get around to that.  No, what I got instead last week was “Surprise Appendicitis!” followed immediately by “Bonus Emergency Surgery!” (it sounds much more exciting when I say it like that).  Soooo, many appologie and I will really try to get all of the beerfest videos up in the next week.  I’m looking forward to getting to a new feature soon too, Beer Gadgets! (we are suckers for gadgets here).  But before I get too far ahead of myself, the real reason you are here is for the beer.  which is a wonderful coincidence because that is why we are here too.  So speaking of beer, here is Paul’s review of the Collababiere from Jolly Pumpkin Continue reading

Boo! Did I scare you? No? Yeah, right, I knew I scared you a little.  Tis the season right? Dashing thru the snow leaves and all. Yeah I know that is Christmas stuff, but Halloween doesn’t get enough love, where are the Halloween Carols? This maybe one of my favorite holidays, so I am going to celebrate with a Halloween season beer.  This week I tried the La Parcela from Jolly Pumpkin, strangely enough, the first pumpkin beer that came out of the brewery that bears that squash’s name. Enjoy.
Continue reading

For those of you who were wondering about the winners of the Great American Beer Festival, we have a link to the winners list here (pdf).  Looks like I have alot of good looking beers to track down now (if anyone wants to send me a couple bottles of Dude Where’s my Vespa?, I won’t stop you).  Congrats to a couple of Michigan breweries that won awards,

Arcadia for their gold medal in the Wood- and Barrel-Aged Strong Beer Category with Cereal Killer Barleywine,
for their Silver in the Experimental Beer category with Bloody Beer,
Big Rock Chop House for their silver in the Belgian-Style Lambic or Sour Ale category with Red Rock
Redwood Brewing for thier silver in the Sweet Stout category with their Cream Stout
for thier bronze in the Bohemian Style Pilsener category with Bells Lager Beer,
Jolly Pumpkin
for their bronze in the Session Beer category with Bam Biere.
Bastone for thier bronze in the French- and Belgian Style Saison category with Saison Du Bastone
and Kuhnhenn Brewing Company for thier bronze in the Old Ale or Strong Ale category with 4th Dementia Old Ale

Great American Beer Festival

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