More videos from the Winter Beerfest.  I really should get the rest of these out since we are now well into spring.  This week we are featuring a beer from another unique Michigan brewery, Jolly Pumpkin.  Here are the views of myself, and Tricia on their, schizophrenically named, Chocolate Pineapple Chipotle Rauch Biere. Continue reading

First off, I want to say that I totally love the Round Barn Brewery logo.  There, now that that is out of the way, I can bring your attention to one of the first beers we tried at the Beerfest last month.  And also reintroduce you to our friend Tricia, who seems to only show up around here for the festivals right now, but we are working on that.  Anyway, Round Barn Brewery, out of Baroda, Michigan, brought us their Grape Expectations this year.  Click on through to see what Tricia and I thought of it.
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You might not believe it, I know I was surprised, but this week I tried a new beer, and Tricia liked it!  Hear that budlight crowd? That means you might like this one too.  Gouden Carolus Noel.  It is a Holiday beer, so it might not be the easiest thing to find, but I think you’ll like it.  it doesn’t  have the same type of taste as some other holiday beers, there is alot of flavor going on, but it isn’t going to smother you with it.  Check it out.



While organizing what to put up today, i came across a couple of Oktoberfest videos I forgot to post.  And since the next couple of reviews may be more christmas themed,  I figured I would wait and do a single BIG CHRISTMAS CRYPTIC REVIEW! or I’ll just keep doing normal reviews.  Depends on if the holiday spirit gets me.

Anyways. Here is a Cryptic Review, and Tricia’s Thoughts on Weihenstaphener’s Festbier.  I’m not really sure what Tricia is talking about here, but I suppose there is something there.  I liked it, she didn’t. Big suprise.



I’ve got a couple more videos for you here from Crunchy’s oktoberfest last month.  The first is a Cryptic Review of Dark Horse’s Reserve Special and the second is Tricia’s thought on that same beer. I think we found one that she really enjoyed.



Even though we weren’t able to run our live show from Crunchy’s Oktoberfest last week, I was still able to shoot some footage.  So below you can check out my Cryptic Review of MBC Rye Bock.  I also am pleased to announce an addition to our lineup, Tricia will be adding the views of someone who doesn’t drink microbrews regularly.  She can be someone that our less experienced viewers out there may be able to relate to better than beersnobs like Paul and myself.  Though soon i’m sure she will become one of us too. Muhahaha.

anyhoo, here you go.