Welcome to This-Last-Five-Months-In Beer! I didn’t mean to leave you hanging, but life has kind of gotten in the way over here.  We are working up to a big announcement, but for right now, I am going to get back to what I know best, making mildly (read not very) amusing reviews about the new craft beers I’ve tried, and hope that even if you can’t quite decipher what I am saying, it piques your curiosity enough to go out and give them a try yourself.  And I really do contend that my descriptions are sound, and do reflect the true taste of the particular beer.

So in honor of my, what seems to be happening far to often, return from extended break, I will present you with…..

wait for it….





This week I am bring you a relative newcomer (to the Michigan market), New Belgium‘s Shift pale lager.  Now just so you can put yourself in my position before watching the actual review, I am not the biggest fan of New Belgium.  There was quite a hubbub about them deciding to distribute in Michigan, and i understand that they do have their fans.  It’s just nor for me in general.  But of course we all have different tastes we prefer, and luckily, breweries offer different tastes in their lineups (mostly).  So here are my thoughts on New Belgium’s Shift.

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