stone sublimely self-tighteousMaybe I am a bad Michiganian   MichigandeMi..chi..ganite Northerner.  But I hate the winter.  I am already all set for March to come around and spring to start.  Some people will say, “Oh as long as it snows on Christmas, that is all the snow I need.”  That is close, but I don’t think that is even going far enough.  I am fine with mowing the lawn on Christmas morning.  So I will hold onto the warm weather for as long as I can, and when it is gone, I will find ways to try to bring it back.  Here is how I am bringing it back today.  I have some old videos from the summer here that I will be posting in a lame attempt at remembering the warmth that I am missing so much.  So follow me along to watch my cryptic review of Stone’s  Sublimely Self Righteous. Continue reading