A Cryptic Beer Review

A cryptic beer review of Dark Horse Kmita KolschI bet you thought you would be going without any beer reviews again for a while.  Well fear not my friends because I haven’t forgotten you, and the beer will keep flowing here and the beer reviews will keep being posted.  Case in point, this particular cryptic beer review from me, of a beer from Dark Horse Brewing Company.  This my friends is the Kmita Kolsch.  What on earth is Kmita Kolsh? As they explain it,

“It’s our way of poking fun at the German purity law and those that insist beer has to be brewed to “style”. These Eastern European hops create a wonderful bitterness and aroma giving this beer a clean, crisp and dry flavor that works well with the mild sweetness from the malt. This beer is fairly light in color and body with mild flavors of malt and toasted malt. The aroma is hoppy, as well as the finish flavor of the beer.”

Sounds good to me. And as someone who has been pretty “meh” about kolsches in the past I have to agree that what they have done here feels right.  It feels fun with just a little bit of an edge to it.  Where as most times that I see a kolsch on the menu, I have to admit that i think to myself, “Self, do you like a kolsh?  I’m not sure, I can’t remember.”  And I think that that is because most of the time they are pretty unremarkable and quite forgettable.  But Dark Horse has gone about this right and made a kolsch to remember.  Check out my Cryptic Review of Dark Horse Kmita Kolsch after the break. Continue reading