Welcome back everone.  I hope you have you minds set to experiment, because this week I have a challenge for you.  Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to make this blend, and make it taste good.  I am afraid to say, I failed at this.  I am pretty sure it is because I went with the most strict instruction on how to make an Irish Snakebite.  For the uninitiated, I was told to make this using Crispin and Guiness.  Now, listen… come closer… okay, let me be honest.  I think Guiness is pretty much the bottom of the barrel when you are looking for a stout.  But, this is what I was told, so this is how I made it.  I did try to vary it up a bit by getting a couple of different kinds.  I had a Guiness Extra Stout, Guiness Draught, and a Black Lager.  they did each lend to a different Snakebite experience, but I really think that it is just opening the door to a lot of new experimentation, which is what Mad Science should really be all about.  So let’s get our skull muscles going and think of some other stout/cider combinations that could really make this something to talk about.  But before you go and create, be sure to check out the video after the break. Continue reading

Shut up everybody, I’ve got an announcement to make.  Today marks the first episode in a new series I’d like to try out.  Mad science came about while having lunch at a local bar here, and they had a sign on the wall advertising a mix of two beers.  I realize this is hardly new, but it is something that I have always been wary of.  Not sure why, I had been doing it with pop for ages (did you know that 2/3 Dr Pepper and 1/3 Orange Soda tastes like vanilla?) However on this particular occasion one of my friends decided that he would give it a try, so I did too.  I was very suprised by the outcome of this concotion, as it dawned upon me that I have been missing out on a whole universe of new and potentially undiscovered flavors.  So there is the genesis of a new show as it formed in my head.  So I will try out different blend I have heard of and maybe after try out a few of my own, just to see how crazy I can get.  So for now I will start out with the brew that got my brain churning: Sam Adams Cherry Wheat and Leinenkugel Summer Shandy.  Check out the first episode of Mad Science after the break. Continue reading