I had the pleasure of trying Sam Adams Utopias a number of years ago, and I was rightfully  blown away.  It truely is an experience I would recomend to anyone.  The metal bottle, the strong aroma and the pleasantly palatable flavor all create quite the memory.  And I was content in the fact that I probably would not get another chance to try it.  It is simply a luxury that I could not afford to make a habit of.  Well to my pleasant supprise, only a few years later I was presented with the opportunity again.  And again, it was quite the memory.  But after having two vintages of Utopias pass my lips, I was even more content with having my Utopias experience complete.  But then I had to see this.

utopias cigars

These Sam Adams Utopias seasoned cigars are available for a limited time from Ted’s Cigars.

From their website

The pairing is perfection. Rich nutty and fruit notes in the Utopias play well with the spicy complexity of the cigar, while the Dominican Republican, Nicaraguan and Brazilian tobacco blend provides a smooth, deep caramelized taste that compliments the Utopias’; woody, toffee flavors.

Now I am going to have to buy a set of these and track down another bottle of Utopias, for what I expect to be an extreme beer experience.





Shut up everybody, I’ve got an announcement to make.  Today marks the first episode in a new series I’d like to try out.  Mad science came about while having lunch at a local bar here, and they had a sign on the wall advertising a mix of two beers.  I realize this is hardly new, but it is something that I have always been wary of.  Not sure why, I had been doing it with pop for ages (did you know that 2/3 Dr Pepper and 1/3 Orange Soda tastes like vanilla?) However on this particular occasion one of my friends decided that he would give it a try, so I did too.  I was very suprised by the outcome of this concotion, as it dawned upon me that I have been missing out on a whole universe of new and potentially undiscovered flavors.  So there is the genesis of a new show as it formed in my head.  So I will try out different blend I have heard of and maybe after try out a few of my own, just to see how crazy I can get.  So for now I will start out with the brew that got my brain churning: Sam Adams Cherry Wheat and Leinenkugel Summer Shandy.  Check out the first episode of Mad Science after the break. Continue reading